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Before & After Arrival

Before Arrival



Ⅰ. Visa

Students must apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for an X visa prior to entering China. Kindly note that you must enter China before the deadline on the Letter of Admission.


Ⅱ. What to Pack




Winter and summer clothes are both necessary. In winter the temperature is between minus 0 to minus 10 degrees. Warm clothes, such as down coats are needed when you are outside. Indoors, however, there are heating radiators and it is warm enough. In summer the temperature is between 25 to 35 degrees. T-shirts and pants (skirts for girls) are necessary. In spring and autumn, you need sweaters and jackets. 

Electrical Equipment

The electricity supply system in China is 220V. Your plugs and sockets may be incompatible, so please check before departure. Multi-function power cords and transformers can solve the problem and you can purchase them in advance.      


It will cost about 800 to 1000 RMB per month for living including food, telephone, transportation and so on. Currency exchange services are available at the Beijing airport, however, the banks close to our university probably have a better rate. We suggest you bring about US$500 for the first month since you may need to buy some daily necessities.


. Arrival Information

You should inform the Admissions Office of your arrival details including the flight number, date and time of arrival at the airport at least one week before departure.

Read the following Notice of Arrivals sent to you along with the Letter of Admission and the JW202 Form.


Notice of Arrivals


Our university sends someone to pick up new students on the 11th, 12th and 21st and 22nd of every month at the Beijing Airport. On these days you need to prepare 50 dollars for your transportation and food.


If you plan to arrive in China on one of those days, please inform us of your flight information in a timely manner. If you plan to arrive on any other days, please also inform us of your flight information but come directly to our university. We can arrange someone to meet you at our local train station. Should you wish to be met at the airport and accompanied to the University, be prepared to pay for both yourself and the person assisting you. Except for your transportations, the money you need to give the one that helps is US$100.


However, DON’T worry! It is safe to travel in China and the trip is not very difficult. Be brave -- we are sure you can make it. We have prepared the following instructions for you. You can show the notes to a Chinese person when you are in need of help.


1.    From the airport to the train station—take the shuttle bus to Beijing railway station and get off at the LAST stop (railway station).

“I need to take the airport shuttle bus to Beijing railway station”. Price: RMB 30 yuan




2.    Buy the train ticket: you will need to show your passport.

I want to buy the latest train ticket to Jinzhou for today.” Price for fast train (3.5 hours): RMB 141; for slow train (over 5 hours), less than that. Try to get a sleeper ticket for slow train. Sleeper  in Chinese is“卧铺”.




3.    Before you get on the train:

Please carefully check the information on the ticket:

train number, time, car number and seat number.

Check in and look at the screen to find the right

waiting room according to the train number.


4.    On the train: You may ask a train official to remind you of your arrival.




5.    From Jinzhou Train Station to Liaoning University of Technology LUT). Take a taxi to LUT (south gate). Price: about RMB 40 yuan from the south station (fast train), 10 from the north (slow train).  




 After you pay for the taxi, please get the receipt from the driver. 


6.    After you enter the campus from the south gate, ask anyone for directions to the International Building. There you will find your home. Go to Office 500 first in the building.




Office 500—the Admissions Office   Telephone: 86-416-4199704   Mobile: 15940638355  15841669715




1.   RMB is the only currency that can be used in China, so please get some cash in advance or bring some dollars and change them to RMB at the Beijing Airport. Go to the inquiry desk if you cannot find where to change money (the exchange rate is usually low at the airport, so just change 100 dollars. It is enough).

2.  Please carefully check all your belongings before you get off the plane, train, bus and taxi. Do not leave anything behind. Make sure you have your passport with you at all times.

3.   Fees (besides tuition fee and accommodation fee) that need to be paid as soon as you come to register include room deposit, insurance fee for the whole duration, health check, residence permit, etc.).

Attention: You are supposed to come to our office to register as soon as you arrive in China. Any loss or violation of laws and regulations caused by your late registration will be on your own responsibility.


After arrival


Registration Procedures

Step I: All foreigners must be registered at the local police station within 24 hours (72 hours in case of weekends) after arrival. Therefore, new students should come to the office the same day or the day after you arrive at our university. Come to the Admissions Office in the International Building, you will be directed to find your supervisor’s office.

Step II: Register with your supervisor

1.    Hand in your passport. Your supervisor needs to make a copy of the front page and the visa page.

2.    Hand in your admission letter and the JW202 form.

3.    Hand in two passport size photos.

4.    Fill out the Registration Form.

5.    Get your Chinese name and student number.

6.    If you are a transfer student, provide the original transfer letter.

7.    Clarify your payment status. If you have paid some fees in advance through the bank, provide the receipt and pay the remaining fees.

8.    Apply for a student ID Card.

9.    Buy books and get your timetable in the Teaching Affairs Office in the International Building.

10.  Your supervisor must be informed of your telephone number as soon as you have one.


Medical Check-up and Residence Permit

1.    Within one week of registration, we will accompany you to the appointed hospital for your medical check-up. On the morning of the medical check-up, you are not supposed to eat or drink anything, and remember to take your passport and the fee with you.

2.    You will notice that your entry visa only allows you to stay in China for 30 days after arrival. Within one month of your arrival in China, we will take you to the Immigration Office for your residence permit. Bring your passport and the fee with you. It usually takes 15 working days to get your passport with the residence permit back. Make sure you complete all payments on time to avoid any loss or more serious results caused by the illegal stay.

3.   The residence permit needs to be extended year by year. After receiving your residence permit, you must pay attention to the expiration date.Bring your passport to your supervisor one month before your residence permit expires.


Address:No.169 Shiying Street, Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, The People's Republic of China, 121001