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English teachers needed at Liaoning University of Technology


1.     Age: 25~59

2.     Healthy

3.     Native English speaker

4.     Bachelor’s degree or above

5.     Two years of teaching or related experience

6.     Love China and Chinese culture

Benefits and teaching load

1.   Teaching load: 8 classes (16 teaching hours, 50 minutes per teaching hour) a week, 16 weeks each semester. No office working hours.

2.     Monthly Salary: RMB 6000 yuan.

3.     Courses: English speaking and listening

4.  Airfare: round-trip airfare allowance for a one-academic-year contract; one-way airfare allowance for a one-semester contract.

5.     Holiday allowance: 2200 yuan a year; 1100 yuan each semester.

6.     Holiday: full salary before the contract ends.

7.     Accommodation: on campus, free with all necessary facilities.

8.     Insurance: purchased by university.


Contact: Leanne LI

Tel: +86-416-4199704   +86-15940638355 (Wechat)



More information for potential foreign teachers


Our city--Jinzhou is considered a small city in China with a population of around 800,000. It is 450 km northeast of Beijing, about 3.5 hours by train; 80 minutes by train from Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province; 2 hours from Dalian (considered the northern Hong Kong). People in our city are very friendly to foreigners and it is very convenient to live here.


Founded in 1951, Liaoning University of Technology (LUT), as a multifaceted public university, has been specializing in engineering meanwhile offering science, liberal arts, economics and management studies.English teachers at our university mainly teach oral English to undergraduate students majoring in English and International Trade, and postgraduate students with engineering background. Our students know English grammars before they come to college. However their English speaking and listening abilities are not good enough. So we need foreign teachers to help them learn to speak and understand English correctly. Our students are all around twenty years old. 


We provide our foreign teachers with furnished apartments on campus with no charge, including TV, washing machine, fridge, air-conditioning, internet access, microwave oven, shower, and all the other necessary living facilities. The kitchen is shared and contains an oven, a bread maker, stoves and all the other cooking facilities.


When the monthly payment we offer is converted into US dollars, I know it seems like a paltry salary, however, please consider the cost of living in our city is not high. It is much lower than that in the big cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but the living standard is almost the same. Our summer holiday and winter holiday for foreign teachers are quite long, almost two months each. Foreign teachers who sign a one-academic-year contract get one holiday with full salary. If a teacher signs a new contract after one year, he or she can have another full salary—continuous salary.


We stared to invite foreign teachers to work with us in 1985. All teachers work and live at our university happily and consider our city as their second home in China. If you want to contact any of our former foreign teachers to learn more about our university or our city, all of them will be happy to answer your questions. Here is Ms. Susan Simerly’s email address: Ms. Simerly came to work at our university in 1994 for the first time and came back many times after. Now she lives in North Carolina of the USA.


Contact Leanne from the International Center of our university at to start your application and get more information. She has been working with foreign teachers for over 20 years and will help you get all the paperwork done.


Liaoning University of Technology welcomes you!


Address:No.169 Shiying Street, Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, The People's Republic of China, 121001